Uliana Torkunova is the Madrid based entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of disruptive mobility startup LetMePark. Uliana is Ukrainian and moved to Madrid to do her MBA and to follow her dream of working in mobility. LetMePark have build the first voice powered virtual parking service which is integrated with the Amazon Alexa. It’s a brand new user experience which is much safer, completely automated, contactless and powered by voice; it’s now as easy as ‘Alexa, let me park’! ⚡

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Uliana tells us how she made it to where she is, what’s coming next and how you can make the hop into mobility… here’s a…

Marianna Costigan has been working in Business Development at Pivot Power. Pivot is developing the world’s largest transmission-connected battery storage and electric vehicle charging network. In just under two years Pivot Power went from launch to acquisition with a bold vision to accelerate a clean, electric future. Now as part of EDF Renewables it is turning this vision into reality, and Marianne is very much a part of making this happen!

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Why do we need more female voices in the sector?

All industries need diversity of representation, not just in terms of men and women, but across the board — we must be able to understand our customers! …

Liora Katz is the COO of Israeli smart mobility startup, NoTraffic. Liora is a passionate leader with a background in operations, finance & HR. She has been instrumental in leading her last 3 companies through to acquisition, and joined NoTraffic 18 months ago to drive them to the next level of their development; ‘the best career decision’ she’s made so far!

NoTraffic is an autonomous traffic management platform to optimise traffic in real time according to actual demand on the road. They know how to identify all the road users, and can optimise the traffic lights according to the demand on the road. …

Jane Hoffer is an engineer, a successful entrepreneur, a proud supporter of women in technology and the CEO of Portuguese smart mobility startup, GoWithFlow. Jane has just relocated from the USA to Portugal and is loving it!

GoWithFlow’s Sustainable Mobility Management solution manages and optimises the entire mobility and energy lifecycle. It is the first sustainable mobility management platform that provides unified mobility data to companies who are looking to have mobility across their entire ecosystem from their customers to their employees to their movement of goods and services.

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Dana Taylor is the Digital and Customer Lead for super cool startup Zoom EV! She just moved back from Australia to sunny Leeds, joined a new company and in fact a whole new industry…. safe to say that’s a lot of change, and she’s handling it like a hero.

Zoom’s EV sharing platform is built to enable the flexible use of EVs when and where you need them, rather than owning an idle asset. Their EV benefits aim to make moving to EVs easy and save you even more money. Their fundamental mission is to play a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions and helping to improve air quality on a global scale. …

Joelle Garden, is an Aerospace Engineer and the Delivery Manager for Cambridge aviation startup SATAVIA. After completing her Masters in Aerospace Engineering, Joelle went straight into industry and after a very successful career in industry, she joined SATAVIA earlier this year.

Joelle is a science fiction geek with a brilliant imagination which inspired her to join the sector, and to work on the science of the future. Joelle grew up on three different continents and travelled a lot, so working in aerospace seems very fitting!

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SATAVIA offers digital environmental intelligence to make aviation smarter and greener. DECISIONX enables airline companies, aerospace OEMs and MROs to reduce aviation’s impact on climate, to monitor aircraft condition more effectively while optimising engine performance, and to reduce the contribution of aircraft contrail formation to global warming. …

Jessica Oppetit, UK Country Manager for ViaVan is entrepreneurial, driven and passionate about increasing diversity in cleantech. She started her career as a Lawyer in Australia, became a Management Consultant, and then after completing her MBA at Harvard Business School cut her tech teeth at Apple in Singapore. In 2017 Via were lucky enough to snap her up in London, and she is certainly making her mark.

ViaVan provide digital infrastructure to power public mobility in cities around the world,. They’ve partnered with more than 100 cities, public transit agencies, transport operators and corporations and provided over 70 million rides. …

Natalia Tomiyama is the Co-Founder and General Manager of NÜWIEL, an e-trailer business based out of Hamburg. Congratulations are in order for Natalia and her team, who recently closed a round of funding and have a new strategic partner, Eberspächer.

NÜWIEL is developing a sustainable yet efficient solution for last mile delivery. They offer an electric bicycle trailer that can be connected to any bicycle and carry lots of heavy weight without pushing or pulling the bike — it follows the cyclist, accelerates and brakes automatically — genius. Imagine doing this on a bike with a 100kg load in a normal trailer and heading up, or perhaps even worse down, a big hill! …

Dr. Robyn Lucas is the Head of Data Science at Open Energi. She is extremely accomplished in her field, absolutely loves what she does and is driving positive change in the industry. In this interview we discuss careers, how she got into the industry, the role she’s doing, why she loves working in the industry and lastly some advice for people considering a career in cleantech.

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Open Energi is a technology company who manage distributed energy to radically reduce electricity costs and provide flexible capacity to enable a 100% renewable energy system, and Robyn as at the heart of making this happen! …

Angela Hultberg is the Head of Sustainable Mobility for the Ingka Group formerly known as IKEA Group. They’ve been working intensely with sustainability for many years now, with the ‘people and planet’ at the core of their business.

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Angela’s focus in on making mobility more sustainable — “mobility is part of everything we do, there’s no aspect of our business that doesn’t have an element of mobility in it” — goods, deliveries, customers, employees… everything & everyone has to move! 🚌


Top takeaways

🚛 We need diversity in all sectors; it’s really hard to be what you can’t see… unless you can see women in senior positions in this industry it’s really hard to become one!


Jenny Gladman

Avid Traveller. Sustainability Advocate. London based Recruiter. Sustainability and Cleantech Writer. Cyclist. Muay Thai Enthusiast.

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