Women in Mobility — A snapshot of a video interview featuring Dr Robyn Lucas, Head of Data Science at Open Energi⚡

Dr. Robyn Lucas is the Head of Data Science at Open Energi. She is extremely accomplished in her field, absolutely loves what she does and is driving positive change in the industry. In this interview we discuss careers, how she got into the industry, the role she’s doing, why she loves working in the industry and lastly some advice for people considering a career in cleantech.

Open Energi is a technology company who manage distributed energy to radically reduce electricity costs and provide flexible capacity to enable a 100% renewable energy system, and Robyn as at the heart of making this happen!


Top Takeaways

We’re facing arguably the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced in climate change and to counter that challenge we need to innovate. Innovation requires diversity of thought, so let’s not exclude half of the population from the conversation. We need all people, from all walks of life!

“I would love to see more women in the meetings that I’m in because I’m often
the only lady in the room”. This must change!

“I find this industry fascinating, it’s incredibly multidisciplinary because you’ve got blends of engineering, science, economics and politics”.

In the last few years we’ve gone from 30 renewable share, up to about 50. The pace of change in the energy system is unprecedented, that combined with the advent of electric vehicles and the crash in the price of lithium-ion storage bring a whole host of new challenges and make it a really exciting place to be.

Through innovation, we have the ability to really make a change with the way that we consume our power and make a huge impact in making it cleaner, greener and cheaper.

Looking for a career in cleantech?

Robyn’s advice: Seek out the small companies who are making a difference & introduce yourself, stay up to date with industry news, reach out, ask questions, take every opportunity that you’re given and if you’re not given one, then make one!

Thanks Robyn, let’s hope that next time you’re growing your team, you get to meet a much more diverse set of amazing people! Your story is brilliant and inspiring! 🙌

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